Food that makes you feel good.

Real, Raw Honey by Three Foragers

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Food that makes you feel good.

Real, Raw Honey by Three Foragers

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Is your supermarket honey actually doing you any good?

Everyone says that honey is supposed to be good for you, but did you know that it's likely that the honey you're buying from the supermarket isn't healthy at all?

Most honey sold in Canada and the US is overheated (pasteurized), ultrafiltered, and blended to get the consistently golden liquid syrup you see on store shelves.

The end result is stripped of nutrition and flavor, or tainted with cheap sugar syrups, and is no better for you than refined white sugar despite the higher price point.

It's time for better honey.

We believe that your well-being begins with the food you eat.

Real nutrition comes from clean food, simply harvested and packaged, from the farm to your hands with the fewest steps in between.

Three Foragers Honey is made the way honey should be:

Never Pasteurized, Never Blended, Real Raw Honey.

4 Reasons Why You'll Love Our Honey:

Promote a happy belly

Our prairie honey promotes the growth of healthy gut bacteria to keep your digestive health in balance.

Keep away colds

Naturally antibacterial, antimicrobial, and antifungal to suppress coughs, improve sleep, and keep your immune system strong.

Nutrition by the spoonful

Using as little processing as possible allows all the pollen, vitamins, antioxidants, and beneficial nutrients that the bees put into the honey to stay there.

Stable energy levels

The complex nutrients in our honey allow our bodies to process it better than refined sugars and avoid sugar crashes.

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Awarded Platinum at the 2022 London International Honey Quality Competition

Our flagship product: Seasonal, unpasteurized, small-batch prairie honey that you can scoop like icing. Made by bees, no more, no less. Note: This honey is creamy in texture, but does not contain any cream or dairy. 

Tasting notes
Buttery texture with notes of nougat and vanilla, and a delicate herbal aroma.

Floral source
Alfalfa, sweet clover, prairie wildflowers.

Ditch the refined sugar and use this sustainable and flavourful sweetener instead. Cakes, pie filling, a spoonful in your coffee or tea, homemade salad dressing, or shake up some main courses with a sweet-and-savory marinade or glaze.

Non-food uses
Apply topically to your face as a mask to hydrate your skin and reduce inflammation. This honey can also be used to treat minor burns and cuts, soothe your sore throat, or as a natural hair conditioner treatment when mixed with olive oil.


Small Batches


When it comes to who makes your food, bigger isn't always better.

We are Angela and Andrew, your friendly e-neighborhood beekeepers! Our honeybees stretch their wings under the sunny skies of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan and Vancouver Island, BC.

Mass market producers have their place, but we believe that you benefit from the most nutritious and high quality food when there are as few steps as possible from the field to your pantry.

Since the 1970s, our family has been harvesting real, honest honey from the Canadian prairies. Our small team is proud to produce the best honey right on our farm that you can take home to feed your family.

Us Vs Them

ComparisonThree ForagersRegular Honey
SourcingFrom our family farm in Saskatchewan.Blended from multiple farms or even multiple countries.
100% high quality honey.Sometimes...but also can be contaminated with corn, rice, beet, or cane sugar syrups.
TextureAlways smooth and creamy.Thin and liquid to start, then turns coarse and grainy over time.
Nutrients?Antioxidants, vitamins, and pollen are intact.Nutrients are killed and pollen is filtered out.
Scoopable?100% scoopable with no drips.Messy and drippy.

What our customers say:

A spoonful of your creamed honey on rising in the morning and a spoonful before bed is so healthy that I literally feel my body saying “thank you”.


I have been ordering this honey for a few years now and I use it for baking, coffee, sandwiches etc.. I love the taste and I hope you never quit making it!!😊


This is the best honey I've ever had and have been getting it for years.


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