From the Farm

Your very own honey farm, right at your fingertips.

We're here to close the gap between you and where your food comes from. The less steps between the farm and your pantry, the more transparent and nutritious your food will be.

We harvest real, honest honey from under the wide-open skies of the Canadian prairies, for you to enjoy the kind of honey that will make your skin glow, your recipes shine, and your tastebuds sing. Let us open your senses to a whole new honey experience.


Three Generations of Beekeepers + the hardworking Forager Bee = Three Foragers

As beekeepers, we know that most of the "honey" out there does not measure up to the healthy, clean honey you deserve.

Our single-sourced, creamy honey fully preserves the nutritional, environmental, and wholesome benefits that makes honey so special.

Healthy bees. Minimal processing. Sustainable materials. So that you can feel confident using our honey and hive products to enhance your everyday living.

  • Honey that's Bold, not Bland

    Our bees produce honey foraged from alfalfa, sweet clover, and native prairie wildflowers to make a premium honey that is sweet, bloomy, fresh, and herbal.

    Always unpasteurized, unblended, and harvested in small batches to preserve the unique flavor of our apiaries.

    Honey like you've never tasted 
  • Natural Honey Caramels

    Clean, decadent, and with zero compromises: Our honey caramels will satisfy your body’s natural cravings.

    Made with honey and no refined sugars so that you can enjoy a healthy, sustainable indulgence.

    Honey Caramels 
  • Candles to bring you Nature's Light

    Make your home an oasis. Our beeswax candles will help bring calmness and relaxation to your environment.

    No soy, no paraffin, and no additives, our beeswax candles will fill your home with a comforting glow and the natural honey aroma of a beehive.

    Clean, hypoallergenic and sustainable Beeswax Candles 
  • 5 / 5

    I had a lot of questions that were promptly attended to. The honey caramels were a gift for a friend who lived all three flavours! I would definitely order them again.


  • Superb Honey ❣️

    Honey arrived extremely fast. All the flavours are absolutely delicious ❣️. Order from Three Foragers - you won't regret.


  • Addition to Desserts

    Great product and beautiful packaging. So delicious, the honey comb gives a unique flavor to many desserts. Addictive too :)


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