Fresh homemade 30 minute honey butter rolls

Quick and Easy 30 Minute Honey Butter Rolls

We love eating fresh bread, but we don't always plan ahead enough to enjoy it when we want to. Luckily, these Honey Butter rolls satisfy that fluffy, buttery craving and can be made in 30 minutes or less!

These rolls are made with milk to give it tons of richness and fluffiness that is reminiscent of Japanese milk bread. Milk makes the dough soft and have a longer shelf life as it doesn't dry out as quickly as breads made with water.

Adding honey into the dough gives a light sweetness like brioche that make the rolls delicious enough to eat on their own or can easily take on sweeter fillings like peanut butter and jam or go the savory route with ham and cheese with a touch of mayo!

Want to watch us make it ourselves? Check out our Instagram Reel here.

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