Ever Thought To Give Your Trick-Or-Treaters One Of These Honey Gifts?

Earlier this month we gave you the chance to win some tasty honey gifts - our Three Foragers honey caramels!

To enter we asked you to share your ideas on how to stay environmentally conscious around Halloween.

Brittany in Kelowna was our lucky winner. She won by sharing this savvy tip for celebrating a green Halloween.

“Donate used jack o lanterns to animal rescues that could use them”

As the spookiest day of the year is almost upon us, we thought we’d share some more of our Halloween top tips with you all! This time, we’re talking what to give all your trick-or-treaters when they come a-knocking.

Photo credit: Allison Seto

  1. We can’t start suggesting snack ideas and not mention our honey caramels. Our honey caramels are individually wrapped which makes them a great item for little fingers to grab and save for later. Plus, the wrappers are 100% compostable!

  2. Another environmentally conscious option is granola bars. Cranberries and blueberries are very much in season right now, so why not create some of your own flapjacks or granola bars using Canadian oats and local berries.

  3. Whatever you decide to give out, be aware of the fact that many children may have food allergies. If you’re handing out homemade snacks, perhaps let parents know, or put up a sign listing what ingredients are included.
    Another option is to have non-food options available. Have you heard of the Teal Pumpkin Project? This first began a few years ago as an idea to keep children safe at Halloween. Anyone taking part can put a teal coloured pumpkin on their doorstep to signify that they have non-food options available. Families of children with allergies would then know that their child would be safe going to that house. It’s a lovely idea to make sure nobody gets left out at Halloween!

What will you be handing out to your visitors? Home cooked honey gifts? Candy? Fruit? Let us know on Facebook! Or better yet, show us your Halloween photos.

Stay safe and we hope you have a very happy Halloween!

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