How Much Do You Know About Honey?

Thanks to recent food documentaries like Rotten and What The Health, we're starting to find out some of the ugly truths behind our most loved foods and brands. This is something we at Three Foragers Bee Co. really care about, and that's why our raw honey is as pure as can be.  

If you’ve watched the Netflix documentary series, Rotten, you will have heard about how most honey products you find on the shelves are a mix of honeys from all over the country, and often all over the world. Even more shockingly, on rare occasions there have been discoveries of unethical, cost-cutting packagers selling honey products that contain syrups in place of real honey. This, to us, is not acceptable and inspired our creation!

The Story Behind Our Honey

Our family have been beekeeping in Saskatchewan since 1975. Over time, our family’s love of bees grew and grew, as did our number of hives. Three generations later, we decided it was time to share the raw honey our beautiful bees make with the rest of the world. And there we began Three Foragers Bee Co..

Perhaps surprising to hear, it is common practice for beekeepers to sell their honey to honey packagers who mix together multiple types of honey to sell onto retailers. We decided our honey was too good for that. We wanted to share the delicate taste of our pure, Canadian, raw honey as it is. No blending and no shipping elsewhere for packaging. Every step in the creation of our jars of raw and creamed honey takes place right on our farm. 

How Our Raw Honey Is Made

Each summer our local sweet clover, alfalfa and wildflowers bloom and our forager bees get busy collecting the nectar. Each bee brings this back to their hive where it gets deposited into honey comb. The nectar is then re-ingested by a bee where sugars are broken down and enzymes are added and then regurgitated back into the comb. Evaporation through fanning from bee’s wings turns the nectar into the liquid honey. As beekeepers we then collect this honey, leaving plenty behind for the bees to keep for winter, and add it to our glass jars where the honey crystallizes naturally. Our creamed honey is taken one step further where it is gently stirred as it crystallizes to get a nice smooth consistency.   We never pasteurize or blend the honey from sources outside our farm so it’s as pure as nature intended.

If you have yet to try our raw honey or creamed honey you can make an order via our online shop. You can also find our products in the natural choices section at Save-On-Foods, or, at a range of local stores and farmers’ markets. Discover where you can buy our raw honey near you.

If you have any questions about our raw/creamed honey, send us a message here, on Facebook or come and meet us at the Saskatoon Farmers’ Market every Saturday and Sunday - we may even have some of our raw honey for you to try!

Photo Credit: Doug Bell

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