How Honey Has Treated Ailments Through History

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Honey is certainly delicious but our ancestors swore there were benefits of honey far greater than just being yummy. Honey was used to treat a wealth of ailments. It's no surprise honey has been a highly valuable food item for humans for thousands of years.

There have been Stone Age paintings and Ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics depicting honey bees and the process of collecting honey. Thousands of years ago, honey was clearly valued as much as it is today, if not more!

Antibacterial Qualities

The ways honey was used centuries ago suggests that people believed honey had antibacterial qualities. In Ancient Egypt and Ancient Greece honey was used to help heal wounds. It was also used to treat people with diseases of the gut. Even today, some people believe honey can treat these ailments.

Natural Energy Source

Honey’s fructose and glucose content is often taken advantage of by people looking for a natural energy source. The Ancient Egyptians thought consuming honey could help a person avoid fatigue. In fact, the Ancient Egyptians believed the benefits of honey were endless. Archaeologists have discovered pots of honey in an ancient tomb. Ancient Egyptians also thought honey could treat burns, delay aging, and was an integral part of the embalming process. And of course, it was enjoyed as a tasty sweetener too.

Soothes Coughs

Do you ever take a spoonful of honey to soothe a cough? Many people do. There are numerous studies that have looked into whether honey has antiviral or antibacterial qualities. However, science aside, we believe a spoon of honey or a hot honey and lemon is so comforting that it can make the roughest of coughs and colds feel slightly better.

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Please note, we are not promoting any medicinal benefits of honey. Please refer to a doctor or nutrition expert to discuss any benefits of honey and how it can affect your health.

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