Our Secret To Making Honey Caramel Treats

At Three Foragers, we like to keep things simple. All it takes is one taste of our honey caramel treats to know that our products are a labour of love, made with wholesome ingredients. It takes patience to get each small batch just right, and we wanted to open up our farm to you and share how we create these sweet treats. 

We currently make our honey caramels in three flavours: original, sea salt, and lemon. All are made with natural ingredients (Canadian-sourced when possible!) for a treat you can feel good about. 

To start, we take our own raw honey made from alfalfa, sweet clover, and wildflowers and mix it with fresh cream and butter. To get a smooth and consistent mixture, we add sunflower lecithin, which acts as a natural emulsifier. 

The mixture is brought to a boil, allowing sugars from the honey to caramelize with the dairy. The boiling process also thickens each batch by evaporating excess water. We bring the mixture to our signature secret temperature, but right before it hits this mark, we add any desired flavouring like pure lemon crystals or sea salt.  

We use pure, crystallized lemon made from real lemon juice and oils. Our sea salt is sourced from Vancouver Island Salt Co. who harvests it by hand straight from the Pacific Ocean right off the island’s coast. 

Once the mixture has reached the correct temperature, we pour it into pans to cool. After it solidifies, we cut and wrap each piece of candy by hand and package them into our compostable pouches.

Every small batch takes a long time to produce, but this allows us to closely monitor the quality of every treat. Conventional caramel is made from refined sugar, which can easily be kept dry and smooth. However, extra care needs to be taken with our honey caramels since honey is a humectant, meaning that it likes to absorb moisture from its environment. This makes our honey a wonderful ingredient for homemade body scrubs and lip balms. But, it also means that our honey caramels need to be carefully wrapped and sealed tight to prevent them from absorbing moisture from the air.

The resulting caramels are very chewy and rich with a strong honey flavour. Our personal favourite flavour is lemon as we love the tartness of the citrus balancing with the sweetness of the honey. However, you can’t go wrong with any of them!

You can find our honey caramel treats and raw honey products at a grocery store near you. Or, you can order them from our online shop! Then, let us know what you think on Facebook and Instagram

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