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Creamed Honey

Creamed Honey

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Awarded Platinum at the 2022 London International Honey Quality Competition

Our flagship product: Seasonal, unpasteurized, small-batch prairie honey that you can scoop like icing. Made by bees, no more, no less. Note: This honey is creamy in texture, but does not contain any cream or dairy. 

Tasting notes
Buttery texture with notes of nougat and vanilla, and a delicate herbal aroma.

Floral source
Alfalfa, sweet clover, prairie wildflowers.

Ditch the refined sugar and use this sustainable and flavourful sweetener instead. Cakes, pie filling, a spoonful in your coffee or tea, homemade salad dressing, or shake up some main courses with a sweet-and-savory marinade or glaze.

Non-food uses
Apply topically to your face as a mask to hydrate your skin and reduce inflammation. This honey can also be used to treat minor burns and cuts, soothe your sore throat, or as a natural hair conditioner treatment when mixed with olive oil.

Real Honey from Three Foragers

Our honey is harvested between July-August each year near Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada.

Every creamy spoonful is packed with nutrients, pollen, and the floral taste of our prairie flowers because we never pasteurize or blend our honey.

Each batch of honey is harvested from a unique location in Saskatchewan.

Our honey is naturally antibacterial and antimicrobial thanks to the power of the beehive.

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Three Foragers Regular Honey

From our family farm

Blended from multiple farms or even countries


100% high quality honey

Sometimes...but can also be contaminated with corn, rice, beet, or cane sugar syrups.


Always smooth and creamy

Thin and liquid, then turns coarse and grainy

Nutrients Intact

Real Honey that captures the taste of the prairies.

As the third most faked food in the world, honey can be confusing to purchase. You want to know that what you're getting is not only delicious, but also healthy and authentic.

We're here to close the gap between you and where your food comes from. The less steps between the farm and your pantry, the more transparent and nutritious your food will be.

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Linda B. (Calgary, CA)
Lovely honey, redolent of fields of flowers

I just had to order more of this delicious honey. It is one of the nicest I have ever tasted.

What a beautiful description of your experience! Thank you so much Linda, we appreciate you!

the best ever

the ultimate best honey ever!

Thank you Anna! Love that you are lovin' our honey.

Fred M. (Calgary, CA)
Three Foragers

The best honey I’ve ever had!

Thank you Fred for your sweet feedback! :) We are so grateful for your support!

Louise R. (Calgary, CA)

I received the honey and it’s not as white as what I got from the Christmas market. Did it perhaps freeze in transit? Or is that normal?

Hi Louise! Thank you so much for your feedback. We harvest and package our honey in small batches, so the honey reflects the flowers and nectar that the bees harvest at each of our hive sites. Since the color and texture of the honey depend on the flowers that the bees forage from, there are slight variations from batch to batch as they come from areas that have different kinds and proportions of flowers. Areas that tend to have more wildflowers tend to produce a less white honey, whereas our locations with mostly alfalfa and sweet clover will be a whiter honey.

Unlike other packers, we do not blend the honey so that it is completely uniform all the time, and that way we can preserve the natural flavor and healthy qualities from each area. I hope that helps!

Sarah T. (Mississauga, CA)
The best!

This is the best honey I've ever had and have been getting it for years.
Happy they now offer 7kg pails so I never run out of the best honey ever!

Hi Sarah! We are so grateful to have your support and are so glad that you love the honey!

Scott M. (Saskatoon, CA)

Love your honey! I use it in everything. The consistency is perfect.

Thank you for the feedback Scott! We are so happy to be a part of your pantry essentials :D